Indoor Environmental Quality

Analyze and optimize your indoor building environment.
Increase productivity and improve your energy efficiency.

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We use different wireless sensor technologies to map all environmental properties of office buildings.
Through advanced analysis techniques and machine learning we can help you to optimize both for human well-being as well as for energy efficiency.

Building Analytics
We analyze and visualize both the state of the building as well as how it is used.
Effect Measurement
Instead of only measuring consumption we focus on measuring the effect of the energy used in a building.
Your Building - a Dynamic Energy Consumer
When, where and how long can we turn off energy in a building before negatively impacting indoor climate?
Your Building - a Local Energy Source
Calculate the potential energy flexibility of your building and monetize this in a future Smart City scenario.
Your Building - a Local Grid Stabilizer
Understand and communicate the energy flexibility of your building and offer this to solve today's grid challenges.
Your Neighbourhood - Optimize Consumption across Buildings
Combine neighbourhood buildings to flexibly reduce and optimize peak electricity effect.

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OXOVI enables you to have the full overview over your building usage. When and where is your energy used and is this aligned to how your users utilize the building? Align usage patterns, define quality metrics and ensure that your employees or tenants get the indoor climate that assures optimum performance and well-being.

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Take contact with us now and we will explore how you can optimize your building, reduce your maximum effect usage and prepare your bulding to dynamically control consumption in accordance with usage patterns. This saves money, the environment and ensures optimal conditions for high performing employees.

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